Imagine a world where the Industrial Revolution came abruptly. A small, idyllic town transformed into the center of society. The power of magic all but replaced by the power of steam and steel. The goblins and kobolds of the outside replaced by the treacherous and greedy politicians of the inside.

Imagine a world where magic spills over into the material plane in wondrous ways, yet there is no one there to observe it. Where mages and clerics are a dying breed, and spells are cast aside for technology.

Imagine a world where the gods are given power by the ones who follow them. Where, when technology took precedence over religion, many of them were forgotten, losing much of their power, and in some cases, killed.

Now imagine a world where the gods want revenge.

There are a few things you should know if you are going to adventure in the City.

  • The Industrial Revolution happened suddenly and quickly. The City used to be a small, idyllic village. Then, the elves of the forges came, and they brought with them their technology, forged in the mountain home to the God of Artifice and Madness. Infused with his power, these inventions changed the lives of those in the City in unexpected ways. People were unprepared for the changes they wrought. This became known as The Shift.
  • Monsters are uncommon. The walls of the City have held strong since they were build, and although occasionally there is a breach, the wild monsters of the world outside rarely make it inside. Instead, the “monsters” of The City are monsters of a different kind – corrupt rulers, spirits of forgotten gods, and rogue technology.
  • The gods are empowered by faith. Whether through the prayers of a follower, or simply the adherence to an ideal, the gods live and die by the people’s faith in them. Since the rise of technology, many have vanished, forsaken, while new ones have been created – creating an ever present sense of resentment and fear among the gods.
  • The outside world is largely unknown. Outside The City, magic is abundant and spills over into the physical realm in wondrous and unexpected ways. However, very few people ever venture outside the City, except to the elves’ forges, one of the few commonly visited exterior locales.


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